Origin Eon 11-S Is An Ultraportable For Laptop-Toting Gamers

Serious PC gamers have always been more willing to go to the extremes of size and price.  Which is why an 11-inch gaming laptop sounds like such an odd product to put out.  Regardless, we’ve got another entrant into the niche category in the form of the Origin Eon 11-S, a tuned-for-gaming ultraportable billed as a “compact high-performance laptop.”

Why no seeming love for the category?  Simply put, it’s strange.  People who carry ultraportables tend to do it because they need a light and compact computer on the road.  Those who want to play games will tend to stay home, where the environment is always more conducive to slumming in virtual worlds (i.e. your Man Table mini-fridge is stocked with cold beverages and you’ve got an always-available wall outlet to plug into).

As with any Windows laptops, the  Origin Eon 11-S come with plenty of options in CPU (starts with 3rd-gen Core i-ueries up to Ivy Bridge processors), graphics (starts with Nvidia GT 650M) and memory.  Battery is rated at 6.5 hours of use, which, I have to admit, makes it quite the attractive on-the-go gaming rig.  Notable details include NVIDIA Optimus (which manages battery better by turning off the GPU when not needed), THX TruStudio Pro and full connectivity (including Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 and HDMI out).  Design is a bit reminiscent of Alienware’s (especially the back lid), although the 4-pound weight should be mighty welcome to all the gamers looking to take their endless addictions on the road.

The Origin Eon 11-S is available now, with prices starting at $999.

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