Original Mouse Rug Wants To Class Up Your Workstation

You’re royalty.  At least, that’s what you’ve been told.  On your dad’s mom’s auntie’s great grandfather’s side or something.  And you’ve concluded that’s why you feel so disgusted doing commoner’s work like typing up spreadsheets and preparing reports all day.   Since you can’t quit your crappy job, might as well just class the cubicle up so it’s up to your blue blood standards. Step one: trade in that crummy mouse pad for a fancy Original Mouse Rug.

Available in Tashkent Red, Jaipur Blue, Persian Gold and Persian Red, the miniature faux rugs bring a classy, homey look that should help cozy up the erstwhile clinical drabness of your cubicle workstation.  Let the common people wield their navigation devices over Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty pads — you deserve better.

The Original Mouse Rugs aren’t real carpets, of course.   With coffee and crumbs and all sorts of crap spilling on your desk, a real rug will likely be a disastrous idea.  Instead, it’s made from Lextra, with the designs printed without ink (which is how it turns out so realistic-looking).  According to the product page, the yarn-dyed nylon fiber coating process used yields a soft-feeling surface with precise mouse tracking capabilities that’s never hot, cold or sticky to the touch.

Now, if they can just make a Duddha Rug version, my life will be complete.  Well, it really won’t, but I’ll have something new to amuse myself for a week.  The Original Mouse Rug is available from Firebox, priced at £12.99 each.