Oristand Gets You A Functional Standing Desk For $25


Like many standing desk accessories, you simply lay down the Oristand on the desk, so you can start working at the computer while on your feet. Unlike them, it not going to cost you an unconscionable amount, allowing you to enjoy a healthier workspace sans the not-so-affordable costs.

A simple, straightforward solution, it’s a flat-packed cardboard contraption that unfolds into a functional standing desk. That way, you can easily transport it from your home to the office to anywhere else, allowing you to use the same accessory to set up a standing workstation wherever you spend the day. It sets up without any assembly, too, allowing you to get your standing setup running in seconds.


The Oristand has a pair of flat surfaces on two levels – a higher one for the laptop and a lower one for the mouse and keyboard. It’s constructed using an industrial-grade cardboard, with the resulting structure housing enough strength to support up to 60 pounds of gear on top, so you should even be able to throw a monitor on there, provided it clears the weight limit. When used with standard-sized desks (around 29 inches tall), it can support users between 5 feet and 6 feet. The best part? When you want to go back to sitting, simply fold the cardboard back down and place the gear back on the desk. Do note, the cardboard is untreated, so it should be best to keep any coffee or drinks on the other side of the desk to avoid any problems.


Available now, the Oristand is priced at $25.

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