Orrb Wants To Bring An Isolation Pod To The Workplace


Offices around may soon find themselves with a spaceship-like pod somewhere in the vicinity. At least, that what the guys behind Orrb, an isolation pod designed for the workplace, are hoping for.

Described as a “wellness and learning pod,” it’s designed as a place to provide workers sanctuary, where they can relax, recharge, and contemplate in peaceful isolation, a brief respite from the stresses of the workday. Basically, a place you retreat to when that piece of code you’re 100% certain is correct just won’t work, the client is annoying you into a maddening frenzy, or the boss is trying to find you to scream at you, as his own personal way of relaxing and recharging.


Unlike isolation pods designed for homes, you can’t spend an entire day cooped up inside the Orrb. Instead, you’re restricted to either five, ten, or 15 minute sessions. Plus, you’ll need an access card to get the door to open, so unless you’re authorized to use the pod, you won’t be able to use it to sneak quick naps in the middle of the workday. You’re not going to be left alone with your thoughts, either, as it’s equipped with a multimedia system (visual and audio) that can play various types of content, depending on what you need. There are, for instance, breathing and meditation exercises, in case you’re experiencing a case of panic or nerves. They also offer learning content that can be tailored to each organization, so your time inside can function as a focused employee training session.

The Orrb, which is slated for public release in April, is being marketed to organizations. Rather than bought as fixed assets, they’re available as rentals via a subscription service, which will include the pod, 50 access cards, a web portal, and the company’s range of digital content. You can get in touch with the company for pricing.

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