Orvis Ultimate Travel Jacket Comes With Pockets For Everything

If you’re going to append the word “ultimate” on anything, like Ultimate Fighting or Ultimate Avengers, it better be some level of extreme.  This Ultimate Travel Jacket earns the supreme moniker by being the most functional travel utility wear we’ve seen.

Made by Orvis, the versatile coat is designed to function as an ideal travel companion.  No, it won’t learn a foreign language or point you to the nearest bathroom in time of need, but it will carry practically everything you will need to survive the unforgiving streets of any foreign land.

The Orvis Ultimate Travel Jacket features 23 exterior pockets and five interior compartments, allowing you to haul an entire bag if necessary.   With that much storage space, you can keep everything organized, so you don’t have to mix disasters waiting to happen — like your sandwich with your map, your keys with your phone and your water bottle with the radioactive chemical you stole from the terrorist sleeping in business class.  All internal pockets are labeled, too, so you don’t forget where your passport is hiding the next time someone asks for it (um…no, not that hustler on the street corner).

In case you’re flying off to warmer climes, you can still wear it.  Both the sleeves and the hood are removable, so you don’t need to bring a second short coat for surprise changes in the weather.  It’s made from a cotton and nylon blend, with corrosion-resistant metal parts.

Orvis has the Ultimate Travel Jacket in four sizes, priced at $325.