Orwell Combines Sofa, Bed, And Your Very Own Private Fort

When it comes to outfitting a small house, combing functions in a single piece of furniture can do a lot to maximize the living space.   That’s why we’re huge fans of products like the Murphy Sofa Float and the Story All-In-One.  The Orwell is another one of these multifunction furniture pieces, giving you a sofa, a bed, and a veritable bedroom in one.

Designed by Goula Figuera, the hybrid furnishing is, basically, a sofa that’s covered with high walls on three sides.    You can chill in it like a sofa, lie down on it like a bed, and even unfold the integrated curtains, which closes it off into a cabin-like structure, essentially giving you a personal private space.

The Orwell’s dimensions are more akin to a chaise lounge than a regular sofa, making it ideal for curling up to unwind after a stressful day.   Wooden wall panels make them sturdy enough to lean on, all while providing sufficient insulation from ambient sounds.  The heavy, quilted curtains come sporting a similar sound-rebuffing quality, allowing the space to become a quiet haven when the curtains are drawn.

The best part?  It takes up no more space than a conventional sofa, making this a potentially great piece, whether for shared bedrooms, dorm rooms, and small studio apartments, even if you have a proper bed somewhere else in the space.

For now, the Orwell remains a prototype piece from Goula Figuera.  No word on whether any company has picked it up for manufacturing any time soon.

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