Osloh Pants Keep Bicycle Grease Off From Your Legs

Don’t you hate it when your pants get soiled with greasy dirt from your bike chain?  Sucks, right?  Commuting on a bike need not be such a messy proposition with Osloh Pants, which lets you cinch the right leg so it doesn’t get anywhere near the ride’s oily mechanical parts.

While it doesn’t exactly solve a widespread problem, the folks who regularly take the road with a fixed-gear bicycles will probably find it of great use.  Not only is it utilitarian, it looks damn stylish too – plus points for making sense even when you take the subway to work.

The pants are available in jeans and trouser varieties, respectively billed as the Spoke and the Coast.  Both come with a double-strap cinch on the quilted lower right leg area near the hem, along with tabs above the rear pocket where you can hang a U-lock (though you’d probably do better with the small variants – you can imagine how bad the larger ones will drag your pants down).  Other design details include adjustable waistband snaps, cyclist-friendly padded crotches, a hidden key pocket, side cell phone pocket and a relaxed fit.

Spoke model is available in dark indigo and is made from 12oz stretch denim, while the Coast trouser is clad in black and made from 11oz stretch high-ridge twill.  Both are water-repellant and odor-resistant, so you can drive through small puddles and be no worse for wear.

Osloh Pants are available from Chari and Co of Brooklyn, NY.  Prices range from $100 to $130, depending on size and model.

[Chari And Co NYC]