Osma Pro Countertop Coffee Maker Churns Out 12-Ounces Of Full-Flavored Cold Brew In Two Minutes

By this point, cold brew coffee is no longer a mystery to a lot of people. There’s a good range of options now to make the good stuff at home. If you want the least amount of work and the least amount of wait for each glass of cold brew you enjoy, though, you’ll definitely want to check out the Osma Pro.

Billed as “the ultimate personal brewing experience,” it’s a countertop appliance whose sole existence is dedicated to making single-serve cold brew coffee. You know… just like your Keurig or Nespresso, except it pumps out that less-acidic, fuller-tasting cold brew, so you can enjoy your coffee at refreshingly chilled temperatures.

The Osma Pro is an electric coffee maker that uses harmonics and recirculation to cold-extract a wide range of flavors and aroma, allowing it to turn out a complex-tasting cup in just two minutes. Even better, the outfit claims they get a higher extraction yield in that two minutes, compared to what traditional cold brewing can achieve in 24 hours of steeping the coffee. To use it, simply fill the porta-filter with your choice of ground beans (they recommend 21 grams of 200 to 300 micron ground), place a glass filled with water and ice onto the tray, and adjust it so that the intake tube is directly in the glass. From there, you simply press start and let the coffee maker get to work.

It starts by taking water from your glass and circulating it to the coffee in the filter, with the integrated motor and tuned pump driver applying pressure to extract flavors from the coffee, which then leeches off to the water before it falls back into the glass. This process repeats over and over, with more and more flavors and aromas extracted with every cycle. According to the outfit, pressure load in the cycle increases as the coffee in the porta-filter blooms, eventually reaching 10+ bar at some point during the brew.

The Osma Pro boasts the ability to brew up to 12oz of cold brew coffee to 20 percent extraction yield within two minutes of performing that cycle. According to the outfit, this efficient function makes it possible to brew everything from intense 3oz espresso shots to a tall 12oz cold brew that’s comparable in strength to traditional immersion. And yes, you get that in just two minutes, so you can leave this to go to the bathroom or check your phone messages, then come back to a waiting glass of delicious iced coffee.

For the initial run, the outfit will be hand-assembling each coffee maker at their workshop in Oregon, about an hour south of Portland. Construction is 316 stainless steel for the group head, 360 brass for the tray, 6063 aluminum for the body panels, food-grade silicone for inner tubes, and your choice of either walnut or steel for the base. It weighs a substantial 12.5 pounds.

Because of the limited production run, the first-generation Osma Pro will be a little pricey, coming in at $695 a pop. You can reserve yourself a unit from the link below.

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