Osram Cuby Make For Cute Clip-On LEDs

As niche as clip-on little LED lights may be, they’re actually pretty awesome when you find a use for them (like as a nightlight or a reading light).  And the Cuby is possibly among the cutest ones we’ve seen.

Made by Osram, the LED accessory pairs the company’s energy-efficient LED technology with a downright cute and compact design.   Even better, the clipping mechanism is integrated into the cube frame, so there’s no extra part sticking out like most clip-on LEDs.

The Cuby’s entire body is actually one large clip, with one square side holding the LED unit.  We’re not sure about the maximum thickness it can clip onto, but it should easily attach onto most desk edges, closet hanging racks and, from the looks of it, some bike handlebars.   You can also wear it on your finger like some funky light-up ring in case you’re lacking for accessories to gain you more attention in the club.  And since it’s small, it makes a great light for searching inside even the messiest purses (just clip it to the handle so it doesn’t get lost inside the rubble).

Construction is a rubberized silicone material that’s both dirt-resistant and shockproof.  Each one comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can replenish via USB, powering the device for three hours straight while beaming 20 lumens of brightness.

The black version of the Cuby will be available this month, with the rest of the color choices (white, blue and pink) trickling out during the summer.  Price is 19.99 Euros.

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