Ostrich Pillow Loop Is A Sleep Mask You Can Wear Like A Scarf


We’re big fans of the Ostrich Pillow, which lets you bury your head inside a stuffed bag that cushions your head on all sides. It’s one of those products that’s equal parts whimsical and genuinely useful. While the Ostrich Pillow Loop doesn’t come with the same whimsy feel, it’s definitely a worthy sleep aid accessory.

An eye mask, it’s designed to cover your eyes and block out light, making it easier to nap on the plane, meditate in your bedroom, or enjoy naughty time with the spouse. Rawr. We know, there are tons of eye masks in the market, but this one’s unique design definitely steps it up compared to the run-of-the-mill sleep mask you probably have sitting on the bedside table.


Unlike traditional sleep masks that pair an eye patch with head strap, the Ostrich Pillow Loop, basically, wears as an X-mark on your face. Seriously. Like if you wrapped two long socks around your head diagonally on either direction. Except, instead of socks, your face is covered in a long and slim pillow that’s designed to wind around your head, covering your eyes, in two loops diagonally. Once worn, the pillow is supposed to black out 99.9 percent of light, essentially eliminating any kind of visual stimuli.

It comes with the same microbead filling the outfit uses for their other napping pillows, which adapts their distribution according to the shape of your head and face, ensuring the pillow can fit anyone correctly. That should also mean it’s soft and cushy, giving you a suitable cushion whether you catch a nap on an airplane seat, an airport bench, or your desk at the office during lunch break. No, it won’t provide the same padded softness as one of the outfit’s larger pillows, but it definitely should deliver some much needed comfort.


Unlike regular sleep masks that you definitely want to hide in a bag when not in use, the Ostrich Pillow Loop is designed to wear like a fashion accessory when it’s not used to shield your eyes. Seriously, the darn thing looks like a fluffy scarf, so you can wear it around your neck without getting strange looks while going about the rest of your day, allowing you to be ready to take a quick nap at all times. Don’t want to wear it? Not a problem. Just unclasp the hook-and-loop fastener, roll it up into a compact bundle, and slide it in your backpack. It collapses into a size no bigger than a pair of thick socks (well, maybe slightly bigger), so they should easily fit in most bags and containers.


Like to wear noise-isolating headphones to block out noise when you nap? Not a problem, as the pillow leaves your ears open the whole time, while being slim enough so it doesn’t get in the way of the headband, so you can easily wear it with your favorite pair of cans.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Ostrich Pillow Loop. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $25.

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