Ostrich Travel Pillow Helps You To Get Away From It All

The Wrap A Nap is awesome for catching sleep on the go.  Problem is, once you’re caught napping on the job, everyone knows immediately who you are.  This Ostrich Travel Pillow, on the other hand, obscures your entire head, so you can claim “It wasn’t me” when the boss asks.

Created by Madrid-based architecture and design studio Kawamura Ganjavian, the wearable pillow goes over your entire head like an oversized mask.  Which means no one can have proof it was you sleeping in the under the meeting room table at 4 PM even if they take a picture.  Even if you’re identified with your clothes, you can still deny everything: “Obviously, someone was framing me and copied my get-up.  Gaaaaah.”

The Ostrich looks like a sack and is actually carried like one when not in use (it’s not exactly the most convenient tag-along).  It’s constructed out of soft flannelet, with thick paddings on all sides for guaranteed comfort, regardless of which position you end up having to get your powernap in.  Slits on each side allow you to insert your hand, as well, so you can  keep your fingers toasty while dozing off in the server room (damn cold in there).

Granted, this looks far from the portable pillow you can take with you during trips.  It will probably take half the space in my backpack all on its own.  Still, we can’t imagine a better way to look like an alien squid while being ready to fall asleep at any time, making it a perfect headgear for the narcoleptic with a squid obsession.

We’re not sure if the Ostrich is intended as a mere design concept or an actual product they’re hoping to market.   Cute pillow and instant disguise combo, though.

[Studio KG via Dornob]