Ostrichpillow Bed Pillow Uses Varying Thickness At Different Sections For Adaptive Head, Neck, And Spine Support

By now, we all know Ostrichpillow for that highly-original napping pillow that covers your entire head, delivering one of the best combinations of comfortable function and hilariously goofy looks. It’s awesome. While it offers excellent ergonomics for napping on the couch, the desk, or the bench at the park (and most other places where you catch a quick snooze), it doesn’t quite do the same for a good night’s sleep in bed. You’ll want the Ostrichpillow Bed Pillow for that.

No, it won’t wear around your head like the outfit’s original napping pillow, so you don’t have to look like you’re doing a furry cosplay every time you hit the hay. Instead, it’s sized and styled more like a conventional sleeping pillow, albeit with adaptive ergonomics that will tailor itself to your physical features and sleeping habits.

The Ostrichpillow Bed Pillow has a capsule-like shape that’s straight at the sides and curved at the ends, albeit in dimensions that mirror traditional pillows, allowing you to use it with any existing queen-size pillow covers you already have at home. Instead of having a flat surface like traditional pillows, it’s shaped with various elevations at different sections, which, the outfit claims, will provide support and alignment, regardless of your head’s shape and its position whenever you sleep. Basically, the unique surface shape is designed to provide proper support, regardless of whether you sleep on your back, your side, or even your stomach.

It’s made from high-end BASF memory foam, so it contours to the shape of your head, neck, or any other part of your body that’s laid down on it, making it even better the more you use it. According to the outfit, each one uses just a single piece of memory foam that’s been specifically fabricated with different thicknesses, avoiding the typical ergonomic pillow solution of gluing multiple parts together, which should make it easier to recycle.

The Ostrichpillow Bed Pillow has a medium density that, the outfit claims, will absorb pressure evenly, all while relaxing the muscles in your neck, spine, and shoulders. Having a medium density means it has built-in channels inside that allow air to circulate continuously, keeping the pillow cool to provide a pleasant sensation as you lay your head down all night long. Suffice to say, it’s designed to be very comfortable in more ways than one.

It comes with two covers on top of the memory foam. The first is a recycled polyester inner cover that combines high-strength, moisture-resistant, and thermally-insulating properties, while the second is an outer cover made with Jersey fabric that’s both breathable and very soft to the touch. That outer cover is removable, too, so you can throw it in the washer with the rest of your laundry, as well as replace it with any other queen-sized pillow cover of your choosing.  Two colors of outer covers are available: light gray and deep blue.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Ostrichpillow Bed Pillow. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $92.

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