Otium Softrack Equips Your Car With A Functional Roof Rack In Two Minutes


Depending on the kind of cargo you regularly need to ferry on your car, installing a car rack might be necessary in your situation. And while there’s no shortage of roof racks you can pick up to perform the job, the Otium Softrack offers a more convenient alternative.

Unlike other roof racks, this two-piece can be installed on your car in no more than two minutes and taken apart in even less time. That way, you can have an instant roof rack when needed and a clean roofline right after, with the entire thing easily packing away in the boot or trunk, ready to be taken out once more when the need arises.


The Otium Softrack uses two blocks of malleable and durable EPP closed-cell foam as the main racks, both of them covered in a waterproof 600D+PVC canvas, with non-slip, non-scratch rubber tarps on the top and bottom. For installation, you simply strap them both onto the roof, spacing them out at your desired configuration. To mount objects onto the rack, just loosen the integrated 10-foot straps, insert whatever cargo you’re hauling under them, and cinch them up tight before buckling down to keep everything in place. That’s it – the luxury kayak, motorized surfboard, or road shower you need to bring to the trip is now secured onto the roof.


Those straps, by the way, use interlocking webbing for maximum strength and comes duly treated to repel water, so they should handle most any reasonable type of cargo (no, a helicopter isn’t reasonable).   Do note, they recommend sticking to a 65 mph and under speed limit when you have gear on board to avoid any accidents on the road, so maybe don’t strap this on a Ferrari or a Lambo (yes, we’re assuming you’re totally loaded and own a fleet of supercars).


Originally a crowdfunding project, the Otium Softrack is available now, priced at $159.99.

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