Even Kids Can Get In On The Booming Food Truck Business With OTO’s Food Truck Playhouses


Plenty of new toys are designed to get children interested in science and technology, since those seem to be the kind of skills our future workforce will need to have. But if you’d like to see your child lean more towards entrepreneurship than STEM, maybe you can put them in charge of these OTO Food Trucks to give them a headstart.

A cardboard playhouse, it comes in two varieties: the OTO Taco Truck and the OTO Ice Cream Truck. Both are rigged with detailed illustrations to look like authentic vendor trucks, complete with doors that open and service windows that fold down, so your children can serve the neighborhood kids giant ice cream scoops, if they are so inclined.


The OTO Taco Truck is a Yucatan-style taco truck, with a full-color print that makes it look like it just got done serving quesadillas, burritos, and enchiladas out of a busy corner on the business district. The OTO Ice Cream Truck, on the other hand, is decked out just like those rides children impatiently wait for to drive by throughout the entirety of summer, sans an accompanying instrumental melody playing over and over (thank God).


Dimensions are 40 x 36 x 24 inches for both trucks, so they should fit two rowdy kids inside with nary a problem (three, if they’re well-behaved). It folds flat for easy storage, too, so you can simply hide it inside a closet after playtime’s done. Do note, the trucks don’t have any actual wheels, so the kids will have to walk them down the sidewalk if they plan to sell their fare around the neighborhood.

Available now, the OTO Food Trucks retail for $59 each.

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