Ototo Clean Dreams Is A Bed For Your Kitchen Sponge… Really


No, your kitchen sponge doesn’t need a bed to sleep in. If you keep your sponge in a tray by the sink like every normal household in the world, however, you might want to use a tray that looks like a proper bed to give that overworked sponge a proper night’s sleep.  You know, something like this Clean Dreams sponge holder from Ototo.

Designed by Tel-Aviv-based Wishlist, it’s a sponge tray clad in the likeness of a platform bed. It comes with a headrest and they even throw in a couple of pillows to complete the look, with the sponge serving as the mattress once inserted between the bed frame and the floating pillows. Granted, putting this in a section right next to the sink will probably end up making you want to turn the whole thing into a bedroom scene instead, which, let’s be honest, sounds even more fun.


The Ototo Clean Dreams measures 8 x 11.5 x 8.5 cm (height x length x width), so it doesn’t take up much more space than regular sponge trays. It should fit most standard-sized kitchen sponges you can buy off the grocery, with a recessed area sporting spines on the bed for catching all the soapy drips. A double-sided (soft and rough) sponge comes with each tray. Do note, this thing looks like a toy and, when paired with a fresh dry sponge, would make a suitable bed for a dollhouse, so don’t be surprised if your children end up taking it out to play with at some point.


Available now, the Ototo Clean Dreams is priced at $19.99.

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