Zip-Eat: This Giant Zipper Will Help You Open The Most Stubborn Jars


There are plenty of tools out there that can help with twisting the lid out of the most stubborn jars. All of them, however, look like actual kitchen tools, which makes them useful, but not a lot of fun. Not the case with Ototo’s Zip-Eat.

Instead of being styled like a hand tool with a grip on the head like other jar openers, the darn thing looks like a giant silicone zipper. You know, one with zip pulls you can tug on back and forth multiple times over for your own amusement. Decked in bright colors and oversized dimensions, it actually looks more like a toy than a kitchen tool, making for a fun way to add a little kitsch to any kitchen drawer.


The Zip-Eat’s zipper-like teeth lets it create a secure grip around the lid of any jar, with the zip pull allowing you to adjust the opening to accommodate all jar sizes. Once secured, you simply grab the lid by putting your hand around the giant zipper sides and twist it. With a firm grip facilitated by the textured silicone surface, you should be able to open even the most stubborn jar with a lot less resistance, all while looking absolutely absurd you’re using a zipper to do it. It measures 6.9 x 2.6 x 1.2 inches.


Available now, the Ototo Zip-Eat is priced at $14.

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