Out Of Balance Stool: Because Uncomfortable Chairs Need Love Too

Sitting on a steel Sun Lounger not uncomfortable enough for you?  Plop down on this Out of Balance Stool, instead, which will require you to maintain an even base using your feet the entire time, lest have it rocking uncontrollably.

Based on the form of an egg shell (actually, it looks more like a bullet), the stool has a curved bottom, which means that it won’t do a good job staying upright on its own.  So your stool doesn’t end up sitting on its side the entire time no one’s using it, they threw in a weight at the interior of the base, which should also help keep you from falling over completely when you sit on it (no guarantees, though, especially if you’re a heavy dude).

Created by German designer Thorsten Franck, the Out of Balance Stool is billed as a rocking seater — one you can use when you’re looking to practice your Polynesian-style hip sway dance moves.  We suggest not using it as an actual stool when you’re handling anything you’d rather not drop, like an iPad, a bomb or a crystal ball, because I can’t imagine anything good coming out of it.

The exterior is made from 3.6mm-thin oak veneer, shaped with the help of a “special 3D-forming technology.”  The actual seating area is flat and cushioned, so there’s probably some amount of comfort to be had.  I only wish they added footrests along the side, so you can try to balance on it without having to raise your legs in the air.  No, my idea won’t make it any more sensible, although that would turn it into a fully-functional ride.

Want one?  Sorry, we don’t think the Out of Balance Stool is for sale.  As far as we can tell, the stools were developed solely as installation pieces at the Spazio Grizia in Milan earlier this year.

[ThorstenFranck via Contemporist]