Outdoor Kitchen Lets You Take Your Cooking Anywhere In The House

Need a portable kitchen you can pull out during backyard parties and impromptu get-togethers?  Try the Outdoor Kitchen, a full-featured rolling caboose, designed to equip any part of your house with a functional cooking area.

Created by Studiomama, the kitchen on wheels comes with all you need to clean, prepare and cook your meals without installing any permanent fixtures.  That way, you can perform all your kitchen duties at the same time you’re getting some air in the backyard, washing the car in the driveway or watching a Jersey Shore marathon in your bedroom.

The Outdoor Kitchen is, basically, a push cart with two wheels.  Instead of having a container for stowing stuff, though, it comes equipped with all the things a functional kitchen should have, making it an excellent accompaniment to an outdoor grill.  It’s got a single-burner stove, a wine cabinet, a makeshift sink (made up of a bucket attached via hose to a watering can underneath), a water faucet (you’ll need to connect it to a water source to become functional), a slip-on cutting board and some shelf space.

Think you can build one just like it?  Apparently, Studiomama thinks so too, as they made the entire plans available for free as a downloadable PDF.  The document contains all the information you need to build one, including materials and step-by-step instructions.

All parts of the Outdoor Kitchen should be readily available from local hardware stores.  It will be shown as a part of Ten Plan at 100% Design, from September 23 to 26.

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