Outdoor Pool Table Features Built-In Lighting For Nighttime Play

While it’s not quite as awesome as a submerged pool table, this Outdoor Pool Table features a neat trick: it’s armed with built-in LEDs that allow it to light up into a fancy-looking rig for nighttime play.

With rails, pockets and markers all bearing integrated LEDs, it requires no additional source of lighting during night time play.  It’s a great piece for setting the mood, too, playing very nicely with the subdued ambiance that makes outdoor pools such a cozy place to hang out in.

Made by Outdoor 8 Ball, the unique pool table measures 7.7 feet long, 4.3 feet wide and 2.7 feet tall with a regulation-sized playing area.  Designed for setting up outdoors, it’s waterproof and weatherproof, although we’d recommend covering it up when not in use — a wet playing surface still isn’t all that enthusing.  It can be played even when drenched in water, though, if you don’t mind the puddles messing up your shots (on second thought, that can make for instant excuse, in case your game sucks).

The frame, brackets and markers are made from aluminum, with rails and pockets constructed out of high-density plastic.   The playing surface only comes in blue, though, with the rails in either gray, redwood or sandstone colors.

The Outdoor Pool Table is available directly from the manufacturer.  Price is $2995.