Artificial Grass Carpet Under Furniture

Outdoor Shag Rug Turns Paved Backyards Into Grassy Grounds

You’ve always wanted a backyard with beautiful manicured grass where you can plop down and roll around with your kids.  And your dogs.  And their fleas.  But maintaining a gorgeous lawn is terribly difficult work.  You’ll have a far easier time just covering your backyard in cement and laying down one of these Outdoor Shag Rugs.

A deep pile shag carpet designed to look like a bundle of grass, you can lay it over the ugly ground behind your house and turn it into a relaxing surface covered by soft blades of grass.  Well, soft blades of fake grass.  Using variegated greens, it really looks like genuine grass too, so you can take pictures in it and pretend you have a grassy patch behind the pad. You know, for Facebook and stuff.

Since the Outdoor Shag Rug is designed to sit exposed to the elements, it’s built to resist fading, mold and mildew.  Made from soft polysynthetic fibers, it manages to be plush and shaggy just like 70s shag carpets despite the durable qualities.   It comes in multiple sizes, too, with the largest being 8 feet by 10 feet.

Just want the grass-like carpet, but don’t care for the backyard?  Not a problem, as it’s versatile enough to look and feel good when used indoors, as well.  From what we can tell, this will be hell to clean, though (professional cleaning recommended, according to the website).

Price for the Outdoor Shag Rug ranges from $98 to $799, depending on the size.

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