Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Lets You Work Out With A Dress On


It looks like any short dress. The kind any girl would wear during a regular day at the campus, a day out in the city, or a casual night out with your friends. Beneath the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress’ one-piece exterior, however, hides a full-fledged leotard, making it viable for wearing as a workout garment.

That’s right, this garment combines a short dress on the outside and stretchy lining on the inside, making it look like a regular dress while you’re wearing it on the street, all while letting you move freely and properly covering your body while you work out in the gym. No more having to change into comfortable workout clothes when you get to the gym – just dive right in and start working up a sweat.


The Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress is made from the outfit’s Lightspeed fabric, a technical woven blend of 85 percent nylon and 15 percent spandex, giving it that necessary mix of durability and stretch to make it functional in the gym. From the outside, it looks like any regular dress, without a single hint giving away its sportier nature, so you won’t get any weird questions or unwanted attention the way you probably would if you wear your workout clothes out in public.

Looking at the dress, you’d immediately think it naturally needs to be paired with spandex shorts and a sports bra if you’re wearing it to work out. Except, it doesn’t. Instead, it comes with a built-in shorts lining, so your bottom is properly covered even if you do a bunch of wild aerobic exercises. It’s also got sufficient support on the chest, so a sports bra that digs on your side while you get active isn’t necessary, which many women are likely to appreciate. Based on reviews, however, those with bigger chests could probably benefit from wearing extra support, especially if they’re doing high-impact workouts that will have you bouncing up and down many times over.


The Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress even has a pocket on the shorts lining, which you can use to carry your phone, so you can listen to your music over Bluetooth while you’re exercising.  The entire garment is breathable and sweat-wicking, by the way, making it really comfortable not just during workouts, but throughout  the course of your whole day. Seriously, it bears qualities that just might make it perfectly wearable even if you’re not planning on hitting the gym.


It comes in five sizes, from extra small to extra large, ensuring it will fit a wide array of women, as well as eight different colors, so you don’t have to wear the same three colors every time you work out. According to Outdoor Voices, by the way, it’s their bestselling garment, with plenty of repeat purchases, so it’s definitely a piece worth trying out if you’re looking for workout alternatives to your boring mix of tank tops and yoga pants.

The Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress is available now, priced at $100.

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