Outex Waterproof DSLR Cover Lets You Shoot Underwater Without Extra Bulk

You’ve probably seen several solutions for waterproofing DSLR cameras before.  And there have been some really good ones, allowing you to take your expensive rig underwater.  For the most part, though, those solutions are either ugly or cumbersome (sometimes, both).  This Outex Waterproof DSLR Cover may not look that pretty it does seem pretty light weight add-on compared to other choices on the market.

Built to protect your precious camera while photographing from the shoreline or right on the water, it literally covers up the entire thing, leaving just the lens and the viewfinder with any window to the world outside. The cover isn’t transparent, however, allowing them to use a more durable material than options that let you see what’s underneath. Yep, that means you can’t use the LCD on your shooter and you’ll have to memorize where the shutter is.  Still, that sounds a heck of a lot better than risking any damage to your rather costly camera.

The Outex Waterproof DSLR Cover consists of three types of parts: the cover which hermetically seals the camera, water-tight optical lenses, and water-tight viewfinder lenses.  Each cover can accommodate any DSLR it was designed for (they have several options), as well as any smaller camera like your 3D point and shoot.  That means, you can use the same cover for most of your cameras if you have a bunch sitting around for different purposes.  Optical lenses and viewfinders also come in a variety of options to screw onto different makes and models, all of them made from glass to ensure durable performance.  Optional accessories include flash tripod adapters, battery grips, cable connections, straps and more.

Pricing for the Outex Waterproof DSLR Cover varies depending on the variety of cameras and lenses you own, but expect to fork out at least $200 for a basic set.

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