Outin Nano Portable Espresso Maker Can Heat Water To Ideal Temperatures Before Extracting For Best Flavor

We’re big fans of portable coffee machines, from the pioneering Aeropress and the super-compact Minipresso to the battery-powered Osma Brewer and the insulated Wacaco Pipamoka. Yeah, they have some nice offerings in the category. The Outin Nano is.

Like other portable espresso makers, this device can pressurize your water and coffee mix, allowing it to extract maximum flavor and aroma for a rich and full-bodied espresso shot. Unlike them, it comes with a battery-powered heating element that allows it to heat water inside the chamber, eliminating the need to heat water separately like you need to do with most portable espresso options.

The Outin Nano is a portable coffee maker housed inside a vessel resembling a travel bottle, allowing you to easily carry it by hand, slip it in the side pouch of your backpack, or throw it inside any bag. Suffice to say, it’s very portable. To use, start by pouring water at the chamber on top. From there, take off the portafilter at the base, fill it up with coffee grounds, and screw it back in place. Alternatively, you can use a standard coffee capsule, which you put in using an included accessory in place of the portafilter. The outfit says it’s compatible with Illy, Lavazza, Kimbo, Cafe Royal, L’OR, Jacobs, and Nespresso, so it should work with most of the popular brands.

You can put both hot or cold water into the tank, since it comes with own heating element that will automatically heat any water inside to 92 degrees Celsius (198 degrees Fahrenheit). After that, it will put the contents through 20 bars of pressure to extract as much of the coffee goodness in as little time as possible. According to the outfit, heating from cold water to the desired temperature takes just three minutes for a full tank (80ml), with the application of pressure and extraction taking less than a minute. Basically, the whole thing takes around four minutes to heat up and extract after a push of the button. It can go faster, too, if the water’s already hot when you put it in the tank.

The Outin Nano has a 7,500mAh battery that you’ll need to keep charged quite a bit. According to the outfit, if you put cold water in, it can only heat up five batches of 80ml water to the desired temperatures before needing to be recharged. If you use hot water, though, then it will require minimal heating to reach the desired temperatures, which should allow you to use the device for over 100 batches. In case you want really strong espresso, by the way, the outfit recommends putting in just 50ml of water in each batch.

The vessel is insulated, by the way, so it’s supposedly safe to keep in hand even while the water heats up. Of course, holding it for three minutes while waiting for the temperature to go up, probably isn’t ideal, so might as well just put it down and pick it up later once it’s ready to extract.

The Outin Nano is available now.

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