Outlier Minimal Backpack Is Stronger Than Steel

While the Outlier Minimal Backpack definitely embraces the stripped-down aesthetic in its appearance, there is nothing minimal about its function.  Despite the humble, straightforward design, it brings the same toughness and utility of your favorite backcountry rucksack.

How does it manage that?  The secret lies in the material.  The entire backpack is made with nonwoven Dyneema, an “insanely expensive material” that’s touted as 10 times stronger than steel, impervious to water, highly UV-resistant and light enough to float on water.

The Outlier Minimal Backpack features a very simple bag design, with a rolltop closure, adjustable shoulder straps and a 1600 cubic inch capacity.   There are no external pockets or interior division — it’s just one large sack that straps onto your back for stashing all your gear.  Kinda like a cement bag with straps on or something.

Because of the sack-like design, the bag, which measures 10.5 x 27 x 6.25 inches, can fold down into a tiny bundle that you can slip inside a jacket pocket when not in use.  We’re not sure how much weight it can handle, but they do have it pictured carrying a full load of bricks and we doubt you’ll be hauling anything that heavy in your backpack soon.

Simple, strong and perfect for off-the-grid adventures, the Outlier Minimal Backpack is easily one of the more unique carrying sacks you can get right now.  It ships January, priced at $128. (First batch is sold out but you can pre-order for next).