Outline Tool Wants To Help You Iron Your Clothes Like A Pro

Even in this day and age, smart design goes a long way.  And that’s exactly what the Outline , a flexible loop for keeping clothes taut and seams aligned when ironing brings.  The design is so simple but will likely be very useful to those who frequently find themselves inventing new folds in their shirts while working the flat iron.

Do you need it?  Probably not.  I know I don’t.  The only time I’d iron any clothes is when I’m attending a formal function and I’m too broke to be invited to a lot of those.  Otherwise, I’d just hide all my freshly-washed but utterly-wrinkled shirt under a suit or a jacket just like all the slobs in history that came before me.

The Outline is a silicone-coated spring steel loop that you can put inside any garment you’re ironing so that the seams line-up properly while you iron it straight.  A sliding polypropylene handle sits along the length of the tool, allowing you to adjust the width of the loop to fit the tight areas of any garment you’re ironing.  The handle can also be split if you want to expand the loop to its maximum width.

The loop itself measures 24 inches long, with the handle providing just enough surface to anchor your fingers for setting it flat on the board.   We have no delusions about this thing making ironing more fun, but it should help you avoid instances of accidentally putting creases where there should be none.

As of the moment, the Outline is only a proposed project at Quirky.  If you’re interested, answer the survey over at the product page, where the group is deciding on various product details, including pricing (it looks like the current goal is to put it at $8).