Outrider USA Horizon Is An Off-Road Vehicle Anyone Can Ride


Exploring the backwoods on an off-road bicycle is all manners of fun. If you suffer from some minor injury or find yourself in less than decent shape, though, pedaling your way around rough trails will probably be equal parts fun and torture. For those situations, ditch the bike and get the Outrider USA Horizon instead.

Designed for exploring off the beaten path, it’s an electric recumbent trike that’s designed to be both accessible to people of varying abilities and very forgiving on the body. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, still getting into shape, or even suffer from a disability, it’s geared to give you a way to partake in the exciting adventures of the outdoors.


The Outrider USA Horizon is a tadpole recumbent that’s built on an aluminum monocoque chassis, with independent front/rear suspension, all-terrain knobby tires, and six inches of ground clearance. It can be equipped as electric only (1500-watt brushless motor), pedal only (you can choose conventional or hand pedals), or a combination of both, so you can deck it with the exact belt-driven drivetrain that you want. For those choosing electric or combo, it can be furnished with up to four battery modules, allowing you to extend the range from 50 to 200 miles of backcountry trails, complete with regenerative braking for just a little extra juice.


Features include an actuated rising seat that raises it by 20 inches to make getting on and off easier, foldable handlebars to enable side entry, tri-pin handles (for those with limited hand abilities), adjustable seating position, 11-speed internally geared rear hub with electronic push-button shifting, and indirect steering. There are, of course, plenty of available options, including a 1,000-lumen headlight, pannier-style cargo bags, and a parking brake system.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Outrider USA Horizon is available now, priced at $9,995.

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