Use OXO’s Large Knife-Shaped Spatulas To Fold The Perfect Omelet


Making an omelet sounds easy enough. You let the side in contact with the pan cook properly and fold it into the other half. Simple, right? In practice, though, it can be more challenging, leaving you with messed-up omelets and fritatas that you end up telling your kids are scrambled eggs instead. The OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner can help with that.

A uniquely-shaped spatula, it takes on a form factor that more closely resembles a very broad kitchen knife, making it look like an absolutely baffling contraption to see in anyone’s kitchen. According to OXO, that unique shape allows it better conform to a pan’s rounded edges, all while being able to support more of an omelet’s surface than traditional burger-flipping tool.


The OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner actually consists of two distinct sections: a knife-shaped plastic base and a broad see-through silicone blade on top of it. The plastic section (that yellow part) serves as a spine and provides the rigidity required to lift an egg up off the pan surface, while the broad silicone section (the white clear part) allows you to support a more substantial portion of the egg’s underside to make flipping an easier affair. Compare its shape and size to a regular spatula and you can just imagine how much more effective the darn thing can be.

Because the silicone can bend in any direction when it comes in contact with the pan, it can conform to all the curved sections of your cookware, allowing its head to slide right under the omelet with veritable ease. With its wide profile, the head should comfortably cradle half of an omelet, too making it ideal for folding, albeit not quite good enough for flipping over. Want to use it to flip a frittata over? Try lifting half of the egg onto a plate, slowly slide the whole thing on, and flip it onto the pan straight from the plate. Yes, that’s not ideal, but it should work well enough.


The OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner’s silicone head is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it to safely make breakfast every morning. Aside from making omelets, the darn thing should also work for quesadillas, along with any other food that needs folding. Honestly, we couldn’t think of anything else, but you might have some ideas. We’re guessing that knife-like profile can also be helpful when slicing up your scrambled eggs while it’s cooking in the pan, although it’s not sharp enough to be able to slice much else beyond that.


It comes in two sizes: small and large, with the former designed for smaller pans (8 inches and below) and the latter for larger ones. Both come sporting a non-slip grip handle with a hole at the end, so you can easily hang it on a hook, right next to your other spatulas and ladles.

The OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner is available now.

OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner,...
  • Ideal shape and size for making omelets or quesadillas