OXO’s Over-the-Corner Colander Latches On To A Sink Corner For Efficient And Convenient Straining


I’m a huge fan of colanders that can mount over the sink, since it lets me use both hands to pour a boiling pot of pasta, instead of forcing me to use a single hand that keeps wobbling from the weight. The Over-the-Corner Colander does things even better, mounting over a corner of the sink for equally convenient yet more space-efficient straining.

Made by OXO, the colander uses a wide lip to keep a secure hold on the sink corner, allowing it to stay in place even while supporting considerable weight. Draining a horse-sized serving of pasta? Not a problem (if you can fit it). Washing some sliced veggies? Just dump them in. Cleaning fruits? Yep, same thing. Basically, it’s designed to hang securely even as it strains a full load.


Since it hangs off a single corner, the OXO Over-the-Corner Colander makes it easy to separate any food you’re straining from any objects currently occupying the kitchen sink, making for a much more hygienic way to deal with your food items. Alternatively, it also has three feet that you can opt to use, in case the sink is currently clean and barren of dirty dishes. It comes with a 3.5-quart capacity, with perforation patterns designed to allow for fast and thorough straining. Features include a non-slip lip (so it stays in place even when wet), soft bumpers (to protect sink surfaces), and dishwasher-safe construction.


Seriously, if I had one of these Over-the-Corner Colanders, I think I’ll keep this in the sink corner permanently (except when I need it cleaned, of course). It’s available now, priced at $15.99.

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