Oxo Strive Advance Bottle Comes With A Second Larger Opening For Easy Cleaning


Water bottles are great, giving you a convenient way to stay hydrated during active days out. What’s not so great? Having to clean the darn things, with their narrow mouths requiring you to get a lot more creative than usual. The Oxo Strive Advance Bottle changes that by adopting an easy-to-clean design.

Like regular water bottles, it comes with a narrow mouth for taking controlled sips while hiking, cycling, or taking a short break from whatever cardio class you signed up for at the gym. Unlike them, it also comes with a larger opening, making it as easy to clean as any tall plastic cup.


The Oxo Strive Advance Bottle comes with a body that unscrews around the 18oz mark, giving you a large opening for cleaning the bottle, dumping ice cubes, and filling it up without any mess. A lid covers up the narrow opening to keep your contents from spilling, with a coated stainless steel cable keeping it tethered to the bottle to ensure you never lose it while you’re on the move. The cable, by the way, doubles as a handle, allowing you to use it to carry the bottle as well as hook it to a carabiner for convenient handling.

Features include BPA-free Tritan construction, an ergonomic shape designed for grab-and-go use, and enough room to hold up to 24oz of beverages. Since it can unscrew open into a cup-like form, it’s safe to load into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Available now, the Oxo Strive Advance Bottle is priced at $14.99.

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