Oxx Coffeeboxx Wants To Be The Single-Serve Coffee Maker For Your Rough And Rugged Lifestyle

Does the world need a rugged single-serve coffee brewer?  We don’t know.  The guys behind the Oxx Coffeeboxx definitely seems to think so.

A portable single-serve coffee brewer, it’s designed to function on the go, so you can enjoy your coffee pods, whether you’re in a construction jobsite, a tailgate with friends (hey, you all need a coffee after that much beer), or in an abandoned building spying on people because you’re a secret agent on a mission.  Well, on the go, provided there’s a power outlet you can plug into somewhere.  As long as you got that covered, you can enjoy your gourmet coffee even while spending copious amounts of time away from home.

The Oxx Coffeeboxx boasts a rugged chassis that’s ridiculously strong.  How strong?  The company claims its impact-resistant polymers will allow you to park a car on top of four of these things and they won’t break.  Seriously.  It’s also dust-proof and waterproof (IP55), so even the grimiest job sites are fair game for bringing this appliance along.  For easy portability, it weighs just 11 pounds, too, with a sturdy handle for easily grabbing with one hand.

It’s compatible with all K-Cup coffee pods, so there’s no shortage of options in flavors you can get in the market.  Features include an 84.5 oz. removable and spill-proof water tank, external tie downs that let you secure it in the car during transport, three brewing size options (8, 10, and 12 oz.), a retractable power cable, and a separate on-demand hot water system, in case you want a little instant ramen to go with your cup of coffee.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund Oxx Coffeeboxx.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $200.

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