Oxyfit Pumps You Up With 50% More Oxygen Anywhere You Go


Need to shed more pounds off your fat ass?  Exercise longer and harder with the Oxyfit backpack, which gives you more oxygen to help you last longer.

According to Japan Trend Shop’s scientific team (made up entire, we assume, of sly marketers), our atmosphere is about 20% oxygen.  Due to pollution, poor ventilation and other environmental factors, though, you’re likely getting less than that at any time.  It’s a shame because increased oxygen does many wonderful things, including speeding up your body’s metabolism, relieving fatigue, boosting brainpower, increasing skin moisturization and stimulating the brain.

Oxyfit is the world’s first compact personal oxygen supply, boosting your oxygen intake from 20% up to 30%.  The air is produced right on the backpack (it fits in an electronic oxygen-generation system), funneled by a tube that goes in front of your face like a customer service rep microphone.  A rechargeable battery powers the whole system, allowing you to enjoy extra oxygen for up to 1.5 hours.

Measuring 8.8 x 6.6 x 2.7 inches and weighing a light 1,500 grams, the Oxyfit looks nothing more than a regular knapsack slung over your back.   That means you can take it anywhere without attracting too much attention – unless they notice those pipes blowing air to your nose and mouth.  It comes with a remote that lets you control when extra oxygen is pumped.

Sure, you may occasionally get cops stopping you because you have pipes right in front of your face.  The benefits of improved oxygen intake sound worth it, though.  You can get your own personal oxygen therapy in a bag with the Oxyfit for $2,681.

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