Ozzio Newood Transforms From Coffee Table To A 10-Person Dining Table


It’s not the first time we’ve seen a coffee table transform into a dining table. We have to say, though, we’re utterly impressed with the way the Ozzio Newood does its thing, with the clever mechanism allowing it to transform with as much flair as a shape-shifting Transformer.

That’s right, it’s not just a series of fold-out ends or pull-out sections that enable it to make the transformation. Instead, there’s a cleverly-engineered rig inside the darn thing that makes the finished product look utterly seamless, whether in coffee table or dining table form.


In coffee table form, the Ozzio Newood measures 29.9 x 49.6 x 9 inches (w x l x h), all while expanding to a large dining table measuring 29.9 x 92.9 x 31.5 inches. That’s large enough to comfortably accommodate 10 people, making it ideal for entertaining dinner guests even in the smallest homes. Even better, it can be transformed into smaller dining table sizes (either 49.6-inch or 71.3-inch in length) for those days you’re sitting down for meals with a smaller number of people.


A gas-powered lift mechanism allows it to go from a low-slung coffee table height to a taller dining table profile, with the ability to lock at any height between 9 and 31.5 inches. Construction is metal for the frame, while the top cut is in either Canaletto walnut or oak with eight available finishes.

Available now, the Ozzio Newood is priced at £2,300.

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