Pack-Away Kettle Folds Into A Flat Bundle

If you could just bring one cooking container during camping, a kettle will likely be one of the primary candidates.  You can get plenty of mileage in the wild from plain old boiled water, after all.  And when it comes to kettles, we doubt it gets any more compact than this Pack-Away Kettle.

Made by Wacky Practicals, the cooking vessel can fold down into a flat-packing wonder that measures just slightly over 2 inches thick.  That means, you can cram it rather conveniently into even the most packed rucksacks, ready to be blown up into full size once you need to get some boiling done.  If you can pack a pair of zip-up backup shoes, you can definitely throw this into your stash.

When pulled up to cooking size, the Pack Away Kettle can hold up to 1.1 liters of liquid, so you can make a good load of coffee, tea or ramen noodle soup to keep you ticking during camping or hikes.  Stable between -40°C to +230°C, it has a specially designed folding silicone body and a stainless steel base for sitting on the heat source.

If you’ve been making do by boiling water in a can to spare yourself the extra baggage, this things could literally make your outdoor trips just a little better.  Plus, since the base is steel, you can use it as a makeshift self-defense weapon just like regular pots and pans (warning: may not knock out large bears — we suggest defense gloves, instead).

The Pack-Away Kettle comes in three colors, red, navy and green, priced at £29.99.

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