Pack-Rifle Lets You Hunt Game And Catch Fish With The Same Equipment

Some folks like to hunt.  Some like to fish.  Others like both with equal fervor.  But they rarely do both on the same afternoon because carrying all that gear just isn’t fun.   Not so with the Pack-Rifle, a lightweight shoulder firearm that also doubles as a fishing pole.  Really.

Made by Mountain View Machine & Welding, the cleverly designed recreational equipment isn’t only multi-purpose, it’s easy to bring along, too.  Taken down, it measures just 17 inches long, allowing you to fit it into a backpack with plenty of space to spare.  Assembly and disassembly takes just two seconds each.

The Pack-Rifle is a bolt-action utility rifle that weight just 0.97 lbs.  It’s only single-shot, so you’ll have to reload every time you miss, so if you get frustrated at your utter lack of accuracy, you can easily throw in the kit to turn it into a fishing pole instead (maybe you’ll have better luck catching with bait).  Attach the reel to the pistol grip, plug the telescopic pole into the stock, hook on the cables, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly functional tool for snaring piranhas.

Most of the rifle’s components are machined from high-strength aluminum, with stainless steel and carbon fiber used for some parts.  This allows the ridiculous sub-pound weight, while managing to be highly weather-resistant.  It uses .22 LR caliber ammo.

If you like your guns with accessories, they’re selling laser mounts and scope mounts sized for the Pack-Rifle, as well, so you can look all badass while taking the weekend off to do hunting and fishing.  It’s available now for $425.