PackBack Rucksack Folds Into A Tiny Pouch

Imagine how convenient it would be to always have a backpack you can fold into your Delta415 Wearcom Jeans‘ pocket.  You just keep it there, ready to be deployed when you decide to do some impulse shopping.  Or when you decide to check out a couple of books from the library.  Or when you chance upon a stack of $100 bills while walking in an alley (hey, it could happen).  And we’re guessing that’s where the PackBack, a backpack that can be folded into a tiny pocketable pouch, really comes in handy.

Made by Trek Light Gear, the bag is far from the most stylish thing in the world.  We doubt you’re getting a bag that fits in your pocket for its aesthetic value, however — you want it because there just aren’t many bags that will do what it does.

In full rucksack mode, the PackBack will hold up to 30 pounds of gear, all while weighing only 30 oz. itself.  The design is simple — just a zippered main compartment to dump all your stuff in, an interior pouch for small items and and a small second zippered compartment on the side.  Since it packs down to a pouch, there’s literally no padding or support, so don’t expect the most comfortable time.

Built for outdoor handiness, the stretchy fabric construction comes with anti-rot, anti-mildew and quick dry capabilities.  We’re guessing this could be an ideal backup bag when you hit the trails or the beach (just in case you decide to pick up a few things along the way), among other applications.

The Trek Light Gear PackBack is available now, priced at $26.95.

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