Padova Case Dresses Your iPad in Ostrich And Alligator Leather

Want an iPad case that’s more expensive than your shiny, new Apple tablet?  The Padova Case is an expensive handcrafted leather suit for your slate, giving it a distinctive and stylish elegance you rarely see in electronic devices.

Made to exact iPad measurements, the case features waxed thread for a tailored fit, keeping your slate’s slim and trim dimensions. Even better, it gives the device a better tactile grip, allowing you to handle the device in a more convenient manner.

The Padova Case comes in three skins – fine leather, crocodile skin and ostrich hide. It comes with a durable protective cover that fastens securely using a magnetic closure system. When opened, the same cover can be used as both a vertical and horizontal stand, similar to the $39 case Apple is selling. The whole screen and all ports are accessible from the case (via cutouts), complete with a brushed metal home button. Yes, you can dock it with the case in tow.

Sleek, right? The regular leather Padova Case sells for $209, which should be a fair price for all the added panache it will throw your iPad’s way. Got a little more cash hiding in the Duct Tape wallet? You can opt for either the crocodile skin model ($689) or the ostrich leather ($659) too.

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