Amazing Modern Furniture

Remember when furniture pretty much all looked the same?  Sofas, armchairs, tables...sure, you could get different colors and some different designs, but wh... Read More...
Razorbook 400 CE

Take Your Work With You For Way Cheaper

The business world will rejoice when they find the Razorbook 400 CE, released by 3K Computer. Netbooks seemed the wave of the future, but already this gadget is pushing those fan favorites aside in favor of this new creation.

Want To Know If Your Diamond Is Fake Or Not?

This handy tool is a woman's own personal stone inspection kit, allowing her to analyze the rock she just accepted so she can know if it is a true diamond or just some facsimile moissanite.

Watch What My Watch Can Watch

For the secret agent in your life, or even the wannabe, there’s the Secret Agent Camcorder Watch.  This stylish watch not only looks great on your wrist, and te... Read More...