Look It’s Denim, No It’s Sweatpants, No It’s…Pajama Jeans


Hate having to change out of your SpongeBob pajamas when all you want to do is eat at the hotel’s breakfast buffet before heading back to your bunk?  Consider the problem solved with the Pajama Jeans, a versatile pair of pants that can double as your bedroom wear.

It looks like denim and feels like pajamas – how much more perfect can clothing get?  The current designs are strictly for women, though, which won’t make it nearly as useful if they made it for guys. Imagine: men wearing the exact same thing straight out of bed on their way to the construction site, saving plenty of time on otherwise mundane tasks like taking a bath and getting a fresh batch of underwear.   Women, as far as my subatomic calculations go, generally won’t be so utilitarian.  Maybe just once in a while.

The Pajama Jeans sports a bevy of details that make it look like a regular pair of dark wash pants – authentic denim color, high-contrast stitching, back pockets with stitched designs and brass rivets.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were wearing a pair of counterfeit designer jeans you bought from a powerselling Hong Kong dealer on eBay.

However, it really isn’t.  Unlike real jeans, it uses Dormisoft fabric (a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex)  that’s both stretchy and cushy, yet gives off a very jersey-like feel.  Inside, it’s completely brushed, making it as smooth as fleece.  Basically, it’s really just a pair of casual pants that should be so soft and comfortable, you wouldn’t mind wearing them to bed.  Like a more stylish pair of mom jeans, probably.

PajamaGram Company is selling the Pajama Jeans for $40 a pop, which sounds like a good deal, considering you can wear them for days on end without needing to change.  Not that we’re encouraging you not to wash your clothes or anything – but, hey, water is a precious natural resource…mmmkay?

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