Pajama Warming Pouch Makes Your Nightclothes Toasty

When it’s cold, nothing beats curling up in bed next to someone warm.  In case you’re sleeping alone (again…sigh), warmed clothes could prove a decent alternative.  This Pajama Warming Pouch can give you just that.

Before putting on your nightclothes, simply slip them into the contraption’s thermal satin interior, button the lid and flip the switch.  With that, the heating device will begin its toasting ways, heating the fabric so that it feels like the warm touch of a fiery lover once it touches your skin.  Or, maybe, something similar that’s not as life-affirming.  Either way, you’ll hit the mattress feeling comfier than you would have otherwise.

The Pajama Warming Pouch uses heating elements that can heat up to 118º F, all while managing to use less energy than many light bulbs at only 50 watts.  Made with a plush fleece exterior, it measures 20 x 16 x 2 inches and can be folded into an even smaller bundle when not in use (it should be easy to tuck into your suitcase during trips).

It takes 10 minutes to facilitate a good toasting, after which you can safely pull out the jammies for slapping onto your body.  Since it will perform the same heating for most any fabric, you can easily use it for your towels, gloves, socks and other personal wearables, too, providing extra warmth whenever the situation deems it necessary.

Until I saw the Pajama Warming Pouch, I didn’t even know I needed warm nightwear.  Now, it’s just readily apparent I’ve been treating myself badly during cold seasons.  Sigh. It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $39.95.

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