Palmpress Lets You Brew Coffee On-The-Go In Three Minutes

There was a time when instant coffee was the only option for a cup of java on the go. Other than going to a Starbucks, that is. Over the years, various creative solutions came along, expanding our portable coffee options like never before. Here’s another one: the Palmpress.

An immersion brewer, it collapses into a thick disc shape that’s compact enough to be kept in an exterior pouch of most bags and backpacks, allowing you to bring it to the office, the hotel, or the campgrounds, so you have a way of making delicious coffee anywhere you go. It has a wider profile than the Aeropress (it measures 4.25 x 2.25 inches, diameter x height, when collapsed), so it’s not the most compact solution, but if it makes anywhere near as good coffee as it promises, it’s very well worth the extra footprint.

The Palmpress takes on a funnel-like shape when assembled for use, albeit with flat sides on both top and bottom, so you can set it down on any flat surface. To use, set it down with the larger side on top and remove the cover, which also serves as the filter cap, to open the brewing chamber. From there, add coffee (they recommend three tablespoons of medium grind), pour hot water up to the fill line (they recommend 200 degrees Fahrenheit), and put the filter cap back on, allowing the whole thing to steep. After three minutes, set the device down on top of your cup with the larger side down and press down gently until the smaller side collapses into the larger side. Doing this should push out all liquids from the brewing chamber, while all the granules stay inside the contraption.

Truth be told, that sounds easy enough, making this a very attractive option for folks in search of an easy way to enjoy good coffee on the road. As a bonus, it also doesn’t require a paper filter, as the integrated metal filter on the cap is enough the separate the granules from the coffee that pours out into your cup.

While it’s designed for quickly brewing hot coffee, the Palmpress can also be used for cold brew, although it won’t quite be as convenient as it is with hot coffee.  To do this, do the same thing you do as with hot coffee, but replace the hot water with room-temperature water. Instead of immersing it for just three minutes, you need to steep it for around 12 hours before pouring out the coffee into a cup.

Construction is ABS plastic for the exterior parts, while the inner section is made from stainless steel and food-safe silicone, with the interior designed such that the coffee never comes in contact with any of the ABS parts. To clean, take out the filter cap, dump the grounds in the trash, and wash it like any food item, so there’s not much work to do after each brewing.

The Palmpress is available now, priced at $42.

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