Panasonic Builds The World’s Largest TV, All 152 Inches Of It


Want to have the biggest, baddest, most insane TV in the neighborhood?  Better get a more spacious living room because the one Panasonic just unveiled covers a surface area of 152 inches.

To call it overwhelming is an understatement.  Seriously.  That thing is so big, the radiation will give you an automatic vasectomy the first time you turn it on.  I swear.  It’s so ridiculously big, bloggers will make lame jokes about it till the end of time.  Do you hear that?  Till the end of time, I tell you.


The huge Panasonic plasma display features double full HD resolution, displaying a whopping 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.   By the looks of it, this thing won’t go into production.  Instead, it appears to be a promotional vehicle for their new line of PDPs (plasma display panels)  that will feature a variety of high-end innovations, including a new quad-luminous technology.  The company claims it creates a “true full HD 3D world…an overwhelming immersive experience.”

Honestly, I don’t know anyone who could be in the market for anything as big as a 152-inch TV.  If they do produce it, I have no doubt a few folks are bound to snag some, though.  Next to a tire around your waist, that’s like the ultimate couch potato status symbol right there.

[via Gizmodo]