Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77 Will Auto-Airbrush Your Face On Photos

Fixing people’s faces in pictures with a little Photoshop magic is nothing new.  Look at any flawless portrait on any magazine and there’s a good chance some crafty graphics dude had a hand in cleaning it up.  The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77 brings that same laborious work right into the point-and-shoot, allowing for an instant airbrushing that prettifies faces with just a few clicks.

No need to run an image through a dozen filters and do some manual edit.  The Beauty Retouch feature on the digicam can automagically apply a variety of effects that clears skin texture, whitens teeth, fixes makeup and other common “corrections” that will help turn your image into a better-looking version.  Or, at least, a less butt-ugly one (I’ve seen your Facebook, God didn’t do you any favors).

The  Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77 is an ordinary-looking compact point-and-shoot measuring 3.93 x 2.17x 0.81 inches.   Specs are rather run-of-the-mill for the category: 12.1 megapixel optics, Leica DC lens with 5x optical zoom, ISO 1600, a 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD, 1080p video recording, 70MB built-in memory, SD card support and a whole host of editing options.

Of course, the Beauty Retouch will likely be the primary selling point, since this simplifies the whole process of taking a flattering portrait that you can pimp out to your favorite social networks.   There’s also a less automated Cosmetic Mode, which allows you to do things like remove dark circles from eyes, smooth out wrinkles and shrink the size of your face.  Yep, make sure you check the metadata on the photos of girls you try to hit on in Facebook next time — you never know how much virtual work those things received.

No word on exact pricing or release dates for all markets, but the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77 is supposedly already selling out in Japan.

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