Inside The Pandoretta’s Unassuming Box Sits A High-End 360-Degree Wireless Audio System

At first glance, there’s nothing to suggest that the Pandoretta is a wireless audio system. In fact, it looks like some random box. Granted, a stylish-looking decorative box that will incite curiosity out of everyone who visits your pad, but an absolutely random one all the same. Yet, its creators loftily describe it as “the finest 360-degree sound system in the world.”

Designed by Thomas Feichtner for Austria-based Poet Audio, the unassuming box is clad in a metal shell, with large holes reminiscent of the classic Connect Four game. That’s all you’ll really see. There are no buttons, no accompanying remote, and all analog inputs are cleverly hidden at the bottom, so it will literally look like some mystery box sitting somewhere in your place.

Instead of a power button, the Pandoretta will detect any compatible Bluetooth signal attempting to stream music, then automatically power up and play the tunes. In case of a conflict (more than one person attempts to connect), an accompanying app will launch on the main user’s phone, where they can choose which source to prioritize. It boasts seven speakers and a 170-watt amplifier delivering music omnidirectionally, filling the whole room with even sound, so listeners hear the same quality, regardless of where they are positioned. Both aptX Bluetooth and Apple Airplay are supported wirelessly, with a hidden pair of analog inputs and one digital input for hooking up TVs and other wired devices.

Construction is brushed stainless steel on the outside and MDF for the multi-chamber interior. An optional 2.5-foot oak stand (pictured above) can be ordered, although any coffee table or side table (yes, even the one that transforms into a rowing machine) should be sufficient for giving it a dedicated station.

Available now, the Pandoretta is priced at €3,490.

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