Pannier Skaterack Lets You Throw A Skateboard Onto Your Bike

You want to take your shiny new fixie for a spin.  But you also want to hit the skate park and practice your grinds before you head home.  Normally, that’s not a problem with your SSCY Bandolier Bag and its board-holding powers, but you don’t really want to carry an entire bag — just a board.  If you had the Fairdale Pannier Skaterack on your bike, that won’t be a cause for concern.

Just like regular panniers, this one attaches to the rear rack on your bike.  Unlike them, though, it’s specially-designed to hold just one type of cargo: a skateboard.  That way, you can hit the streets on your bike and have a skateboard on standby, ready to be put to use when your crotch starts hurting from sitting on that saddle the whole time.

The Fairdale Pannier Skaterack can mount to most existing bike racks using velcro straps, giving your bike instant space to carry a skateboard.  The board is positioned with the wheels facing outward and well behind the rear axle, so there’s no risk of hitting it with any part of your feet while you pedal.

To stow your bike, you just hook one truck onto the bottom loop and lock it in place with a bungee cord up top.  The rack’s frame sports a cushioned rubber coating that’s both gentle on your board and keeps it from rattling while stored there.

Price and shipping date for the Fairdale Pannier Skaterack is not yet final, so you’ll probably have to wait a short while before getting your hands on one.

[Fairdale via Prolly]