Pano Logic’s Virtual Client Shrinks Your PC Into A Tiny Box

With ever-growing IT departments, cutting IT costs has to be one of the biggest concerns for most modern companies. And Pano Logic claims that Pano System 3.0, their industry-leading zero client platform, can reduce a business’ total cost of computing ownership by 80%.

How? By replacing the PC on the desktop with the Pano Device, a literal black box (well, it comes in silver too) that connects to a virtual machine hosted at a remote data center. Since you’ve got no processor, no motherboard, no RAM, no storage and practically nothing but an interface on your end, it requires no local maintenance. All issues can be handled and managed from the external location, where watchful personnel can keep an eye on your entire organization’s computing operations 24/7.

The Pano Device is a 2 x 3.5 x 3.5 inch box with a VGA output connector, three USB ports, an ethernet port, audio I/O and input for an auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power adapter. A single power button sits on the top right side of the box. All additional peripherals needed, from optical drives to keyboards to external hard disks, can be attached to the USB ports. Absolutely no software runs on the client end, with all processing performed remotely and the output merely streamed to your local display.

Aside from the hardware benefits, the remote setup frees your business from the hassles of migrating to a new software platform too, with the company taking care of all arrangements from their end. In their latest Pano System 3.0, for instance, the company now offers migration to Windows 7, with option for concurrent availability of both XP and 7 desktops to make the transition easier for users. Clients can also give administrator access to key personnel, allowing those on your end to control deployment and make system-wide changes without having to go through support.

All cool, right? But does it run Crysis?  Hopefully, that can be arranged.

[Pana Logic via Gizmag]