Swiss Alps Panorama Knives Look Neat

I know what you are thinking, these Panorama Knives are going to be annoying to use.  With serrated edges that look like they been gnawed on by a robot rat, you might as well just use a fork to slice your breads.

No, they didn’t just pick a bunch of high school blacksmithing reject projects for these knives (although that’s perfectly plausible).  Instead, they’re actually intended to look that way, mimicking the silhouettes of peaks in various sections of the Alps.

Part almost-functional bread knives and part display piece, the Panorama Knives come in three variants: one mirroring the Zurich Panorama, another for the Constance Panorama and a third one for the Berner Alps Panorama.  The sides of the blades come labeled with markings for each peak, along with the name and its particular elevation.  They come with two types of handles: plastic and rosewood.

We’re pretty sure you can use these to actually slice your bagels and rolls — just don’t expect the results to be anywhere close to pretty.  It should make for nice display items, though, especially if you like showing off fancy cutlery to all your friends.

A relatively new company out of Switzerland, the three models are only the start for the Panorama Knives, with more locations planned to be included as knife designs in the near future.

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