Got A Large Empty Wall? Put A Panoramic Wall Aquarium On It

There are plenty of specialty aquarium solutions for various needs, from hanging tanks to coffeetable aquariums.   If you’re looking for one to adorn that blank patch of wall, though, the Panoramic Wall Aquarium should make for a gorgeous choice.

Made by Aquavista, it’s a wall-mounted fish tank for wide slabs of walls that you want decorated with colorful marine creatures going about their daily lives.  They’re available in two standard width sizes, 5 feet and 6 feet, with custom sizing options for up to 10 feet.  Each one measures just 6 inches thick.

The Panoramic Wall Aquarium comes fitted with an automatic feeder, advanced dual filtration, heater, air pump, lighting, and a carbon dioxide generator so you can add exotic water plants to your lot of slimy sea creatures.  All the equipment is automated and programmable via a built-in LCD control panel — just punch in settings for filtration, temperature, feeding cycle, lighting and everything else, then go about your life.  Oh yeah, make sure to refill the feeder periodically, unless you want your cold-blooded pets to starve.  Aquavista estimates each aquarium requires no more than 15 minutes of maintenance per month.

Because of the slim size, it isn’t that tough to mount up a wall — the company claims it’s no more difficult than hanging a large plasma TV.   Each one comes with custom mounting brackets that will help make set up quick and easy.

Since these Panoramic Wall Aquariums are made to order, they require 10 to 12 weeks of wait before delivery.  Prices start at $1,695.

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