Panta Claus- I wonder If I can Wear These Pants To My Office Party This Year

Dressing in celebratory Christmas garb usually means donning a costume.  Like a Santa Claus suit.  Or goofy elf pants or worse, a Christmas tree.  Sure, the Panta Claus isn’t really a giant leap in the dapper department, but it does lend itself well to fitting in with your regular business casual and street attires.

Yeah, I know that’s pushing it but imagine putting on a collared shirt with elf pants or Santa Claus trousers — not gonna work.  With a nicely-silhouetted cut, on the other hand, these pants can pair decently with a nice plain tee or a dressy button-up.  At least, in a way that’s slightly better than the previous options should allow.  Plus, a thing like this would have been fashionable in the 80s, so it has that going in its favor.

Made by Bonobos, the Panta Claus is a pair of washed chinos in either a straight leg or a slim straight fit with medium rise, which shouldn’t be all that much different from many of the pants hanging in your closet.  Well, except for the colors.  Clad in a bright two-tone green and red combo, it’s one loud Christmas-themed garment that will require some amount of fashion savvy to pull off without looking a total goof.  And, no, that light blue button-up the model wears in the picture doesn’t seem to do it.   Construction is 100% pre-washed cotton  and peached chino twill, with Bonobos’ signature pocket liners, curved waistband, and slide-snap closure.

The Panta Claus is available now, right in time for Christmas shopping for the goofy dude in your life, priced at $118.

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