Pantone Leather Chair: Digitally-Colored Leather Upholstery For You To Drool At


Like leather upholstery in your living room, but can’t stand the lack of fancy colors?  That changes soon when the Pantone Printed Leather Chair and its ilk hit the market, combining the appeal and longevity of leather with a digitally-applied bevy of colors.

The digitally-printed, single-piece sofa isn’t actually for sale.  Instead, the fixture is a showcase piece that SiF Technology used at NeoCon ’09 to demonstrate their new patented Smart Film process.  According to company CEO Ron Simkins, the technology allows SiF to add plastic to leather without affecting the material’s enduring and durable qualities, making the digital printing of colors possible.


Adorned with the full Pantone color chart on its upholstery, the chair looks like the perfect furniture for living rooms and office lounges designed with a colorful motif.  It’s a shame that it wasn’t for sale, as nearly every graphic designer in attendance at the show was reportedly salivating at the prospect of getting one for their office.

Leather with Super Mario prints?  Now possible with the same technology.  Can you imagine the potential decadence this will bring to the medium from this point on?

No word on how much the type of upholstery as on the Pantone Printed Leather Chair will actually cost, though I imagine it isn’t cheap.  After all, showcase design pieces for trade shows are usually never along the affordable range.

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