Paparazzi Thwarting Visor Covers Your Face In Reflective Robot-Like Shield

Even though people make fun of them, you think Google Glass actually looks cool.  So much so that you would actually wear one on your face, if it wasn’t for the fact that the darn thing costs over a grand.  If you just enjoy looking like a weirdo from the future, maybe you can get your fix wearing one of these Paparazzi Thwarting Visors instead.

We’re not sure why they’re calling this a visor. I mean, it looks more like a full-face shield than a teeny visor that protects your eyes from the sun, covering your entire mug with a shiny, curved surface.  Pair it with a hoodie and you can totally look like a bio-mechanoid cyborg of some sort, especially if you walk stiff and rigid like old-school robots from the movies.

The Paparazzi Thwarting Visor is made from a one-way reflective material, so you can see everything in your line of sight, while your entire face remains completely invisible from everybody else.  The visor measures 19.25 x 10 inches (l x w), with a shape that curves to obscure your mug, both front and sides.  Like any good visor, it comes with 50+ UPF sun protection, blocking 99 percent of harmful rays.  And in case you actually want to stop looking like a humanoid with a shiny robot face (or welcome paparazzi attention, whichever your reason for wearing this thing might be), the visor can be flipped up to work like an oversized sun visor hat.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, the Paparazzi Thwarting Visor retails for $49.95.

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